Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Blossom Toys Doll

This doll has been hanging around at various family members houses for years.....
It is a Blossom Toys walking doll, about 25 inches tall, from the 1970s or early 80s.  It no longer walks, needs a good wash and brush up and only had shoes on until the other day.  Her hair has been cut at the back, right down to the roots, so I think a headband is needed.  I have made her some underwear, and the skirt, so at least she is now decent.  My next job is to clean her up and finish making her some nice clothes.

Does anyone recognise this doll? 


  1. She is lovely! She is Italian, possibly Furga or Italocreama, but I lean towards Furga with the lighter coloured eyes. Try searching on eBay for her.

  2. A Google search certainly didn't bring up much information. I'm so glad you've made clothes for her. She's lucky she had shoes!