Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A Hat for Bonnie

This beret took a few minutes to make.  I love the Froggy Stuff videos and this hat is perfect for Bonnie to wear with her new coat.  I used a six inch diameter plate but think a slightly bigger size would be better.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Bonnie's New Coat

Bonnie the BFC doll now has a winter coat.  I used the 8519 pattern from here .  It is the jacket pattern and I lengthened it a little bit on the body and left off the back collar and the belt.  The picture makes the coat look a bit big, in real life it looks fine.  I used fleece so that I didn't have to bother with hems, it looks ok with the cut edges.  I made three buttonholes, I dislike doing buttonholes, it is always a bit of a struggle for me to trust my automatic buttonholer and I have to do several practise holes before I have the confidence to go ahead on the garment.  I think she needs a little scarf to wear with this coat.  She does have a pair of boots that she came with, I should have put those on her for the photo.
I was looking at this blog http://madeintina.canalblog.com/ and noticed that on some of her work she has left raw edges and her clothes still look gorgeous.  So, if you get irritated (like I do) with trying to get the 'perfect' finish, just go ahead and not worry, enjoy creating, to me that's what it is about.