Wednesday, 22 June 2011

How To Make A Handbag

Doll’s Handbag
Cotton fabric (for lining)
Sewing thread

Cut one piece of Aida 3¾” x 3½ 
Cut one piece of lining fabric 4½” x 3½ 
Cut two pieces of lining fabric for handles 5½” x 1” 

Fold the two narrow pieces of lining fabric in three lengthwise and sew down the middle.

Place Aida onto wrong side of lining fabric so that there is an equal amount of the lining showing at both ends of Aida.  Fold lining fabric over the two raw edges of Aida and sew in place. 
On the lining side of the bag, mark with a pencil one inch from each side (both ends) and sew on the handles over the pencil marks. 
With Aida on the inside, fold the bag and sew down each side.  Sew across each corner at what will be the bottom of the bag and trim off the point.
Turn the bag right side out.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Summer Dress

After a lot of fiddling about I've managed to come up with a pattern that fits my Les Cheries doll.  I wanted to make a dress with sleeves but not being able to draft my own patterns I had to alter two dress patterns for a different sized doll.  The Les Cheries dolls are tall and slim and their bodies have a completely different shape to my Gotz Just Like Me doll.  Anyway, I managed it and it turned out just right.....
The sleeves are slightly gathered with elastic.  I had to stitch through each end of the elastic just short of the underarm seams, then I zig-zagged over the elastic, stretching it to fit.