Monday, 20 February 2012

A Dress For Bridgette

Here is the first doll I bought, she's a Gotz Precious Day Girl Elisabeth but I renamed her Bridgette...
I bought her because I was making American Girl sized dresses for a friend and I needed a doll to try the dresses on for size.  This doll was a lot less expensive and is the same size.  I made her quite a few clothes to start with then got another couple of dolls and started making clothes for them.  So, poor Bridgette got a bit neglected and I thought it was time to make her something new.  I got the pattern for this dress off the internet but of course I can't find the link now!  I think it is a bit short and would look better with a blouse/tee shirt under it as you can see her cloth body.


  1. Hi Ann, I've been thinking of making my self some tunic type tops similar this...over a Tee of course! My arms are not a pretty sight...;-)