Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Bamboo Furniture

I haven't finished the papier mache book project yet, just the finishing touches to add to it.  While I think about that I looked in an old Dolls House World magazine, September 2002, and saw a wonderful little scene project that I just had to try immediately!  It has a 'bamboo' cabinet and plant stand with the instructions on how to make them.  Here's my version of the cabinet...
The bottom shelf was a bit fiddly to get in place, it looks a bit out to me but not enough to make much difference.  I won't be painting it as I like it as it is.
I'm using my new glue and it is working much better than my usual PVA craft glue, it grabs quicker and maintains a bit of maneuverability before drying.  It is 'api's Crafter's Pick The Ultimate'.  It says it is a water based superglue and it dries clear.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Miniatures For A Change

I'm having a few months making things for miniature scenes.  It's ages since I spent time making doll house stuff and the only way I can get anything done with a craft is to spend a good amount of time on one type of craft.  If I try to do a bit here and a bit there with different crafts I never get anything worthwhile done.
So, first I had to decide what to make.  This papier mache book looked as though it would make a nice little scene container.  After decorating it and making a couple of things to put into it here's where I'm up to so far...
The chair is made from wood and bamboo kebab sticks, the table from wood and card, the shelves from card.  Now I've got to decide what else to make to dress it up.
 I was away in Morecambe earlier this week and found a fab toy shop that sells dolls house stuff.  I shouldn't really buy any more miniatures but who can resist treating themselves!
I already had the book I've used as the background, though I haven't made anything from it yet.  It is full a really good 'trash to treasure' ideas.  I bought the two chairs because two of my friends are making the miniature book scene as well.  They've never made miniatures before so as chairs are quite hard to make I thought bought chairs would be helpful to them to get the scene moving faster.  The little Reuter set is a treat my DH bought for me, I love their stuff.  The little bottles I found in a bargain shop called Body Care , they were in nail art packages that cost £1.49 each, if you buy this sort of mini bottle from doll house shops they are something like 50p each and I got ten bottles, so that was a bargain.