Monday, 23 January 2012

The Skirt

Because I liked Madeline's little knitted walking suit, I've decided to make one for Chloe...
Here she is modeling the skirt.  She had to wear a summer top so that you could see the waistband.  It fits nicely and is a good length.  Now Chloe is waiting for a top to go with it.  She wants a cable pattern the same as Madeline is wearing.  Also, she wants a beret, but she wants her beret to be knitted.

Here's the pattern I came up with for the skirt...
A Doll’s Walking Outfit 
The Skirt 
4 ply yarn
2 ¾mm and 3mm needles 
The tension on mine worked out at 12 stitches to the inch. 
Measure your doll’s waist and multiply by 12, this gives you the number of stitches to cast on.  My doll has approximately a 5 inch waist so I did the following… 
Cast on 60 stitches 
Row 1-  knit (in back of stitch to give firm edge) 
Row 2 - k1 sl1 
Row 3 – sl1 k1 
Row 4 – k1 sl1 
Row 5 – k2 p2 
These four rows above will give you the waistband that you can run elastic through when you come to make up the skirt. 
Continue in the k2 p2 rib for four rows 
Then on the next row increase one stitch in each knit stripe, eg k1 inc 1 k1 p2 
(The right side will be k3 p2, the wrong side will be p3 k2) Carry on in this rib pattern 
When work measures 1 ½ inches below the waistband change to bigger needles 
Carry on in the rib pattern until your skirt is the correct length for your doll, mine measured 4 ¼ inches. 
Cast off keeping to the rib pattern. 
Insert elastic into the waistband and sew up the back of the skirt.
Sew up the back of the skirt until you reach the area where you increased the stitches.  Then using a crochet hook do single crochet on one side up to the waistband, chain 6 and fasten off at the top of the waistband, this gives you a button hole.  Sew a button to the opposite side on the waistband.

Let me know if you find any mistakes in my pattern

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  1. Very cute and Chloe looks happy in it. But I know she wants you to make the top as soon as possible. Why are our dollies so demanding?