Saturday, 25 February 2012

A Dolls House

I have two 1 inch scale dolls houses.  This dolls house has been waiting for about ten years for me to get on and do something with it....
Do you ever find yourself thinking that you can't get on with something because you feel you 'should' be doing something else?  That's how I feel about dolls house miniatures.  I really want to get on and make things for my houses and come up with some nice room boxes but something has been stopping me.  Well, at 65 it's about time I stopped this silliness and got on with things!!!

The bit I don't like doing is the painting and decorating so you won't see any of that going on.  I do like setting up room scenes and making furniture and stuff.  I also like buying furniture etc!

So, occasionally I will be doing a post on dolls house miniatures - it is doll related after all.


  1. fantastic Ann...can't wait to see your rooms! If I can get back to painting (as in art) than you can create your dollhouse rooms! There won't ever be anymore time then there is at the present!

    1. I only just realised there is a 'Reply' button on the comments. Anyway, thanks for the encouragement Theanne, you're right, we must do it now!

  2. I know what you mean about the painting and decorating. I think that's why I kind of lost interest in the Grayson's house--it needs so much work. It's easy to find furniture but painting and wallpapering aren't nearly as much fun as finding things for the house.