Saturday, 23 April 2011

Summer Top

The little old doll was feeling a bit warm in her knitted top so I made her a little tee-shirt top to go with her new skirt....
She looks a lot more comfortable now.

This is the first time I've sewn tee-shirt fabric.  The only thing I did differently was to change my needle for a 'stretch' one.  I'd bought these needles a long time ago but never got around to using them.  That's the best thing about having a stash, you know you'll use it sometime.  Also, the tee-shirt fabric is very forgiving, the amount of stretch in it means the pattern doesn't have to be completely accurate, it stretches to fit.

After I'd written the above I decided to make some shorts...
They might not be brilliantly well made but they look ok on.  The legs are not finished off and probably wouldn't be suitable for a child to play with but that's ok, there is only me playing with her!!!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Old Doll, New Clothes

The old doll is feeling very happy, she has a new knitted top with a matching skirt - she's the envy of the other two little dolls....

Next week I'll look for finer knitting yarn and smaller knitting needles because I think what I've used for this little top looks a bit chunky.  This being only the second thing I've ever hand-knitted I'm quite pleased with how it looks and it goes nicely with the pink roses on the skirt fabric.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The New Girl

Well, I did it again.  Yes, it's another new doll.  This time she is a Corolle Les Cherie...

The quality of the picture is bad as usual, not sure what it is I do wrong.  I think this will be the last doll I buy, but I say that to myself every time, so who knows!!!  This doll is 13 inches tall, that means she can be the big sister of the two little dolls.

I spent today finishing knitting a short sleeved jumper/sweater for the little old doll.  Knitting is just not my thing.  It looks ok on so it will do and it fits the doll.

Sunday, 17 April 2011


I finished the cardigan, it looks ok for a first go at knitting.  I struggled a bit understanding the pattern instructions and had to undo some of the knitting and redo it.  I don't know whether to put buttons on it or not.  I'm not sure how you are supposed to sew it together, it looks ok on the outside so it will do.  I suppose I should press it but I'm a bit worried about spoiling it, maybe I should have pressed it before I sewed it together.
It was enjoyable sitting and knitting so will make something else soon.

I can't decide what to sew next, maybe a skirt and a knitted top.

Saturday, 16 April 2011


No pictures to show yet but I'm in the process of knitting a cardigan for one of my little dolls, not sure which one will get it yet, it depends who it fits best.  I'm not very good at following knitting patterns so who knows what it will turn out like.  However, I thought a little cardigan should be something I could have a go at.

I'm feeling very tempted to buy another doll.  I know I shouldn't but this doll thing gets a bit obsessive!  This time I fancy a Corolle Les Cheries.  It's not very expensive so should I go for it?

I had a lovely afternoon last Thursday.  Two friends of mine showed an interest in making dolls clothes too, so we got together and had a most enjoyable time sewing together, drinking tea and eating shortbread.  We are meeting again this Thursday and intend to meet up every other Thursdays to sew.  It is so lovely to have someone to share our doll interest with.

Monday, 11 April 2011

New Petticoats

Here are the old and the new little dolls in two versions of the same pattern.  The old doll has the skirt of her petticoat made from a length of ready gathered broderie englaise.  The new doll's skirt is plain fabric edged with lace (which I still can't get to show up well in pictures).

There is about forty years difference in the ages of these dolls, I think.  I haven't seen any new dolls made in the same way as the old one for a long time.  The new doll is much better made and probably costs the equivalent amount to the original price of the old doll.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

To Sew or To Buy

A few months ago I bought a Gotz Cookie with the intention of making clothes for this type of baby doll.  It turned out more difficult than I expected so decided to buy this doll some new clothes.  I wasn't sure what size baby clothes come in not having to buy baby clothes for forty years!  It turned out that Early Baby or Tiny Baby clothes fit this size of doll.  So here he is in his new outfit.  The hat is a bit big but he doesn't mind!

I made this outfit as a gift for a friend who has an AG type doll....
This is my Gotz Precious Day Girl modelling it, she is the same size as an AG.
The jacket is made from felt, it worked ok but I would like to use a better quality fabric if I can find something suitable.