Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Doll Jewellery

Just recently I've been researching easy projects for kids, specifically for nine and ten year old girls - my friend's granddaughters.  The first thing I came up with was a pipe-cleaner dog...
I got the instructions for this dog from here and it worked great for these two girls to make.
Luckily, in my stash, I had pipe-cleaners.  I have a lot of things in my stash for 'just in case'.  So, I suddenly got hooked on these pipe-cleaners and wondered what else would be a good project for girls.  From here I got the inspiration to make doll jewellery, another nice easy projects for kids.  Here's Ginny modelling what I've made so far...
A hairband and a necklace.  I used chunky beads because they fit onto the pipe-cleaners easily and are not so fiddly for kids to use.  Here's how the beads fit onto the pipe-cleaners...
I trimmed the whiskery bits off the pipe-cleaner for the necklace and curled the ends so that they hook together at the back of the doll's neck - that's the one on the right of the picture.  For the hairband I just trimmed the middle part where the beads fit, then I made the curled hooks at the ends and attached a pony tail band to hold it together at the back of the doll's head.  I think they worked out nicely - a good project for girls and their dolls.

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  1. Ann you're so clever...I love the dog...I could easily make a dachshund! And I have a very small doll I could make a necklace for...what fun! I believe I'm still a little girl at heart ;-)