Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Doll Shoes

I've been having yet another go at trying to make some decent shoes for my Gotz Just Like Me doll.  This doll is about 10.5 inches tall and has really tiny feet that measure about 1.5 inches (40mm).  I can get shoes for my 18 inch tall doll but here in the UK I can't find the tiny shoes.  Here are the efforts I've come up with today...

Looks like there is a bit of tidying up needed on the soles of the sandals.  Anyway, these shoes aren't a bad as some I've made in the past.  After watching a great series of videos I had another go, this time using craft foam for the soles as you can see in the above picture.  It works out much nicer than using fabric covered cardboard, which I just could not get to grips with - glue everywhere, shoes stuck to my fingers, bits coming apart and lots of horrible frayed edges.  The white shoes are made with felt and then have a foam sole glued on.  The sandals I made by folding a strip of fabric, then smearing a layer of glue in between and ironing it so that it stuck flat and gave a bit of extra support to the fabric.  Then just sandwich the strip in between the craft foam soles, very quick and easy.  If you go and watch the recommended video you'll see the fabulous sandals she makes.  She also has videos of how to make lots of other doll things.


  1. adorable Ann...so cute on your dolls feet I'll bet! persistence pays off...and you've created these lovely shoes!

  2. I will have to try making the sandals for Lorraine. I watched part of the video (that woman's drifty way of talking drove me crazy) and it LOOKS easy enough. The white ones you made are really cute too.

  3. Remarkable! A 12-year old kid making videos like these is truly impressive! You should do a presentation like this in your school. My daughters would love the idea of creating a video using their dolls for their project in school. It’s about American heroes.

    Chris Jeffery

    1. Chris, it isn't a 12-year old who makes these videos. The person is an adult, she is brilliant at dolls stuff.