Friday, 5 August 2011

Thursday Friends

Ginny, Lucy and Melissa

On alternate Thursday afternoons three friends spend the afternoon with me at my house.  Two of the ladies bring their dolls, Lucy and Melissa.  Melissa is a Gotz Just Like Me doll, as is my doll Ginny.  Lucy is an older doll that one friend had given to her daughter about forty years ago.  When I showed these two ladies the doll clothes I'd been making they expressed a wish to make doll clothes too.  So, one bought Melissa from the same place I'd bought Ginny and the other friend searched amongst her granddaughters toys and found Lucy.  We get a lot of pleasure from 'playing' with our dolls.  Now Lucy wasn't played with much when she lived at my friend's daughter's house and her granddaughters have lots of dolls of their own, but since Lucy has acquired lots of lovely clothes my friend has had to ration the amount of time each of her granddaughters plays with Lucy as quarrels were breaking out!!!  They are each allowed half and hour at a time to play dressing the doll.  I thought that was a lovely story my friend told us.  Even the granddaughter who 'isn't into that sort of thing' loves to play with Lucy now.


  1. I like their matching dresses but they look kind of grumpy because I'm sure each girl thought her own dress was unique!

  2. I love the joy and magic dolls bring to our lives.