Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A Dressing Gown

Here's Ginny wearing the dressing gown I just finished.  I haven't blocked it yet, I don't block before sewing up because I never get the pieces to match for the sewing, it works out better for me to block last.  All I do is dip the garment into a bowl of water, squeeze out the excess with a towel, shape and leave to dry.

Remember the blue jumper I knitted that Chloe refused to wear?  Well, I sent it to a blog friend for one of her dolls.  Here is Kyle wearing it.  It really suits him doesn't it, it's much more of a masculine design so I was glad he liked it.

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  1. You make these crocheting projects look so easy! I was inspired to get a skein of yarn at Salvation Army (I already have several crochet hooks) and I am really going to try making something.

    Actually that's G.I. Joe (I never really named him) in the picture but I have finally blogged again and you will see that Kyle ends up with the jumper!