Friday, 12 August 2011

Cropped Trousers

After quite a bit of fiddling about I managed to come up with some cropped trousers that fit.  The first pair I made were too wide, the second pair slip down, the third pair are just right.  The problem was caused by the dolls having strange shapes.  One is quite chubby, so she got the first pair.  When I came to make some for Ginny, even though I altered the size, they still slip down, she has very narrow hips....
They are ok but a bit too long
The third pair had to be taken in quite a lot on the waist and this time I used elastic at the waist instead of a snap.....
I like how these fit Francine and I like the length.
The crochet tops are from here.
You may have noticed Ginny's shoes.  I crocheted these for her even though I'm not keen of crocheted shoes.  She looks quite happy in them.  I like them big as it balances her shape, her feet seem very small for the size of her head.  Francine is much more in proportion.

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