Wednesday, 3 August 2011


When Chloe saw the little crocheted top I'd made for Ginny and Molly.....

...she refused to wear the jumper I'd knitted her.  She said that being a chic French girl she deserved something much more stylish than the horrible thing I'd made her wear.
Here she is in her little summer top...
...she's still complaining about her shoes though, a more feminine style is what she wants.
Well, once Francine had seen the other girls in these tops she wanted one...
Luckily the tops were very easy to make and very easy to adjust for the different sizes of doll.  Here's where I got the pattern for it, it is very easy to add a different frill to the bottom and to adjust for your doll size.  And it is very quick to make.
You probably notice that the girls had to share skirts, they are all complaining that they don't have enough skirts.

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  1. I might even be able to make something like these! I'm going to give it a try.