Thursday, 1 August 2013

Sunsuit for Marie

I like this doll, she is very pretty.  She was a bit more expensive than my other dolls and I would rather have the less expensive dolls because of the guilt factor.  Her hinges are a bit weird, they keep springing out of the position I put them in and sometimes her legs go at funny angles.  I forget just now what make she is and I should have said joints not hinges.  Think my brain is malfunctioning today, it is extremely hot and humid outside due to something called the 'Spanish plume', we're getting a plume of heat up from Spain.

Anyway, I made her a sunsuit and she was very pleased with it, she is always the last one to get new clothes...
I've got to stop sewing for a few days because my craft room is a total mess, I can hardly get in there.  Things need putting away properly, not just piled up like I've been doing for ages.  When I think of a project I just have to do it NOW!  A bad habit.


  1. Marie looks so pretty in her new sunsuit. Of course she looks pretty in anything you make her. I'm sure all your dollies are grateful for their new summer clothes since they're having to deal with the Spanish Plume. Good luck organizing your craft room. If you're like me, you'll be so thrilled when it's done that you'll keep going back in to have "just one more look".

  2. Marie is beautiful (and so is her sunsuit). I know what you mean about articulated dolls' hinges (I love that term!) You look away and when you look back, their elbows are turned around backwards or their ankles are going in strange directions. It looks very painful but luckily dollies don't seem to mind.