Monday, 19 August 2013

Top and Leggings for Chloe

Here's Chloe again, this time with a summer top and leggings.  The top is made using the same pattern as the sunsuit, I just cut off the pattern to the length that suited her.  The leggings are made from an old vest/undershirt.  The leggings aren't perfect but they look ok on Chloe...
I've been very tempted lately to buy another doll.  It is a Paolo Reine doll, it is slightly shorter than Chloe and very similar in body shape.  I know I shouldn't but what can you do when you see a doll that just calls to you?!?!


  1. Hi Ann. Chloe looks lovely. You did a wonderful job transitioning the sunsuit into a blouse. I am trying to sew for my Les Cheries doll too. The Paolo Reine dolls are gorgeous. I think if one is calling to you, you have no choice but to respond. You deserve a new doll. Just think how excited you will be to start sewing and knitting for her. I hope you'll post pictures of her as soon as she arrives.

  2. I love those leggings. They would be great with lots of different tops. The Paolo Reine doll is beautiful. I agree with Raine that if she's calling to you, you have no choice. And Chloe would love to have another sister!

  3. What a great outfit. Love those leggings.