Thursday, 22 August 2013

Francine's New Clothes

Francine waited patiently for me to get round to making her something for the summer.  She decided that she looks so much like the BFC doll that an outfit similar would suit her best...

I also made her a hairband, her hair is very thin on top and a hairband hides it, she was pleased that I thought to do this for her.  Here she is with the BFC doll who still hasn't got a name...
Francine's outfit is made from recycled fabric.  The pants were a pillowslip and the top was the end of a sleeve from one of my pyjama tops that was too small, I only wore it once and nearly cut off the circulation in my arms, a good excuse to use it for doll clothes!


  1. Hello. I didn't realize Francine is so tiny. That makes her even more adorable. I always assumed she was 18". She looks nice in her new outfit. It is lovely. I looked at the link you posted for the Paolo Reina doll. She is a beautiful little redhead. I hope you go ahead and treat yourself to her.

  2. Your girls are very pretty in pink. Now I'm getting lots of ideas for some of the clothing I was going to donate. I think I can put it to better use at home!