Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Meet Madeline

I was lucky enough to be given this cute little doll by a very generous friend, Connie.  As soon as I saw her I was smitten.  Immediately she appealed to something in me.  Connie pointed me in the right direction to find out Madeline's history of how she came to be.  What an interesting story this turned out to be.  On arrival Madeline was wearing a little blue and white striped dress with a sailor collar.  Of course I had to make her something new!  I made the long socks out of a pair of my pants that had seen better days, they worked out really well as they are very fine tee shirt type fabric.  Then the little dress I made up myself.  I wanted her to have a pleated skirt.  The pleats took a bit of puzzling out but I'm pleased with the result.  As Madeline is only about 7.5 inches tall I had a bit of trouble sewing the dress on my sewing machine so most of it is hand stitched.

Here's a picture of the Barbie in another dress I knitted.  You will also see a Kelly with her, also sent to me by Connie....
I made the Kelly some white socks too and knitted her the little dress.

You may notice that the quality of my pictures is much better.  I had the wrong setting on my camera, it was on very low pixels so I went up to the higher pixels and got much better results.

I've had to stop knitting for a while and I've also had to cut down on using my computer so much.  For quite some time now I occasionally had a painful hand and just lately it's been very painful.  I think it is just from using the mouse and the way I hold it , a bit of a break from this will hopefully ease the problem.


  1. Madeline is really cute. My mom used to read us the Madeline books when we were little. Barbie and Kelly seem very pleased with their new clothes.

    Hope your hand gets better soon.

  2. Madeline is beautiful. Any hints for knitting for Kelly? I make my own crochet patterns, but Mom needs some helpers.

  3. wow great works...
    could u plz provide us with knitting tutorial ???