Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A Little Party Dress

This little dress is almost the same as most of the dresses I've made for this doll, all that is different is that I put a layer of lace onto the skirt...
I also made the bodice shorter than I have done previously, it suits the doll better.

I'm still knitting for Barbie, it's a good way for me to practice my knitting as they are nice and quick to make, I get bored easily!  So far she has four two piece outfits and four dresses.  I also knitted a tiny little dress for a Kelly doll (Barbie's little sister).  As soon as the Kelly arrives here at my house she will have a little dress to wear.


  1. Beautiful outfit. Kelly is challenging.

  2. It's very pretty and lace always adds a nice touch.