Thursday, 15 December 2011

Tea Party

I invited my friends for tea today, two of them brought their dolls that we have all made party dresses for.  Lucy, on the left, had a new hair-do, my friend's granddaughter said Lucy must have a better hair style to go with her dress so she gave Lucy a bath, shampoo, condition and set.  I think she did an amazing job of it, Lucy's hair usually looks like a bush!  Melissa, in the middle, had sparkly gems on her new dress and also lovely little silver ballet slippers to match.  Ginny, on the right, had her hair tied back with a silver ribbon and a matching ribbon on her dress, she also wore a new necklace.  In front of Ginny is a little teddy bear that she insisted should join the party!


  1. This is just delightful! Everyone looks so lovely and there is nothing sweeter than a tea party with the dolls.

    ~ Kiki and Melinda

  2. They look like they don't know where to begin!