Tuesday, 8 November 2011


I never thought I'd buy a Barbie.  However, there are so many fab Barbie knitting patterns on the internet, and I'm trying to get to grips with knitting, that I gave in and bought one.  Here are the things I've knitted so far, sorry about the terrible quality of the pictures, must have the settings wrong and a bit of a shake on...


  1. Your outfits are beautiful. I can't wait to see more.

    I got Mom a doll because it is SO HARD to make the clothes and not have a model to make sure they fit. I have one of each of the sized dolls for crocheting. She has become the hit of the neighborhood because all the girls want Barbie clothes. I had researched and posted tons of free links for her on my blog and then started buying old knitted books for her when I find them.

    Her grandkids are thrilled and she gets constant requests from Church groups and others for donations. Between the two of us I don't think there is one of the basic Barbie dolls we don't own so we can make clothes for the family and donations. Neither of us collects them. I do get some strange looks when people see them out when I am getting them ready to take pictures to post them on my Blog.

  2. Those are great! And you may find yourself buying "just one more Barbie" and then a Ken to show off their clothes.