Sunday, 9 October 2011

Simple Knit Top Pattern

I'm still persevering with knitting.  This little top has a knitted body and crochet sleeves.  I'm still having trouble getting neat edges on my knitting so decided to do these crochet sleeves as it gave a neater look than my knitted ones...

Crochet Sleeved Knit Top – doll size 10/11/12 inch
Needles – for slim doll 12(2¾mm) and 10(3¼mm)

                 for chubbier doll 10(3¼mm) and 8(4mm)

Yarn DK
Front (or back if making cardigan)
Cast on 20 stitches with thumb cast on
Rib 3 rows
Knit first and last stitch of every st st row
St st 9 rows and place marker
St st 10 rows
Cast off

Back (or fronts if making cardigan)
Cast on 20 stitches (or 10 if making cardigan)
Rib 3 rows
Knit one stitch at side and 2 at centre on every st st row
St st on 10 stitches for 9 rows and place marker
St st 10 rows
Cast off
Repeat for other side on the 10 stitches remaining on needle

Sleeves (crochet)
Sew the shoulders leaving enough neck hole to suit your doll
Sc around armhole from marker to marker
3 ch then dc 1ch in each st
One round for short sleeves, more if you want longer sleeves
Join sleeves with a slip stitch

Sew or crochet sides together.  Sew buttons on centre back (use small buttons that will ease through the knitting without the need for buttonholes)

If you need any clarification let me know


  1. Those look really nice. I get inspired when I see what you've made and think "I could just make little squares and then sew them together," but somehow I never get around to doing it.

  2. love the top Ann...I like the crocheted sleeves and if you hadn't said I'd have thought that's how they were meant to be! Your dolls are so adorable...for years now I've wanted to put together a doll house trying to decide if that's what I'll give myself for Christmas this year!