Thursday, 5 January 2012

Marie Gets A Doll

This little doll is the perfect size for Marie.  It was priced at £2 from Wilkinson but then there was a 50% discount so it only cost £1 - bargain!  It says on the back 'Simba' so I know it is a French doll though it is made in China (of course).

I'm really busy knitting again.  I got some fab dolls clothes knitting books for Christmas.  I received an Amazon voucher from my DS and DIL and bought several books by this author.  They are perfect for the style of knitted clothes I want my dolls to have.  So far I've knitted a little cable jumper and matching beret for Madeline, just got the skirt to finish then I've show a picture.

1 comment:

  1. Marie looks so happy with her doll! Aren't the other girls jealous? She probably lets them hold it once in a great while.