Saturday, 18 July 2015

Dusty Dolls Houses

I've got several dolls houses and enjoy making things for them as well as buying items. Trouble is they get so dusty.  A year can go by without touching them or making anything, so, as you can imagine, they are covered in dust.  It's such a shame when this happens.  I have a lot of hobbies and each one takes a turn, sometimes a couple of months, sometimes a year or more between each.  My fabric stash is big, there are quite a few fat quarters that I know I won't be making patchwork quilts out of, most were bought just because I liked them. How to use up my fq stash and do something about the dust are two questions I ask myself. My latest idea is to make dust covers for my dolls houses.  These houses are not on display as such, they are just standing there in my craft room.

Here's what I came up with.  The first house I covered was this Sylvanian People house, I can't remember what it is called...

Using five fat quarters I made the dust cover in a simple shape, to have made one to fit perfectly would have been to difficult for me...

It will be easy just to take the cover off and give it a good shake or to wash it.  Then when I want to 'play' with the house it won't need dusting first.  And it looks pretty, nice to see this Chinese style fabric instead of it being folded up in a box, which it has been for years.

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  1. I agree that is lovely fabric to have on show and what a great idea!. Your sewing room looks tidy, I am in the process of cleaning mine up but it is a hard job and I have run out of storage. I am gearing up to do some more posts soon and I would love to see any dolly clothes you have made. Take care.