Monday, 22 July 2013

Summer Outfit for Bridgette

Poor Bridgette was standing in my craft room wearing the winter coat I made for her ages ago.  She has given most of her dresses away because she didn't think they suited her.  So, she needed something cool and summery...
This top and skirt only took me a couple of hours to make.  I've decided that instead of worrying about the finish of my doll clothes I will get on and just make them.  Well, it worked with this outfit and it looks fine.  I used Velcro as the closure on both the skirt and top.


  1. That's a darling outfit and would be suitable for most dolls. I saved a copy of it in my Clothing Ideas folder. Don't you love Velcro? I get so frustrated when I try to sew on snaps. And luckily we found three or four huge rolls of it at a thrift store last year, so I have enough to last several lifetimes.

  2. Thanks Audra, it was really quick to make. I used the bodice from and just added the lace at the bottom, then made a skirt following the Sewing with Nancy

    I'm making a similar one for my Hispanic doll now.