Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Sewing For Summer

Last week we had gorgeous weather.  This week it has been very cold and this morning it has been snowing.  Poor Ginny was looking forward to the nice weather and having her picture taken outside in her new summer clothes.  Well, she has just had to stay indoors for her latest picture...
This is the sarong that I saw here and thought looked really pretty.  I could do with making the next one a bit wider as there is a bit of a gap where it crosses over but it still looks very nice.  It was very very easy to make.
To go with the sarong I made a hair decoration...
For some reason I made it in blue and pink instead of blue and orange to match the sarong.  But this is the sort of thing I tend to do, I forget colours easily.  Never mind, it still looks really pretty.


  1. Hi Ann, Ginny's sarong and hair decoration are adorable! If you hadn't said they didn't match I'd have never noticed...both have blue which ties them together quite nicely!

    Wow...that's some big changes in your weather...summer back to winter!

  2. Very cute and it looks pretty easy to make. I think I'll give it a try.