Monday, 26 March 2012

No Sew Jacket

I like to watch the videos that My Froggy Stuff makes.  She has some really brilliant, easy ideas - here's one of them... interpretation of the felt jacket. 

The doll I made the jacket for is a Wee 3 Friends doll, I was given these dolls by Connie, what a lucky person I am to know her, she is so generous - thanks Connie.

Here's another of the Wee 3 Friends, wearing my first attempt at making clothes for this type of doll...
I made the sleeves a bit too big so I'll be having another go at using tee-shirt fabric.  I need to find some striped stretchy fabric but haven't had any luck so far.  Also this doll's jacket isn't right either but thought I'd show it anyway.

I do find sewing for this type of doll a challenge, they are so slim.  My Barbie has some clothes that I knitted for her but I really want to sew these dolls some nice outfits.  The stretchy tee-shirt fabric is much more suitable for them I think.

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  1. the dolls may be small but you create such wonderful clothes for them Ann! love the felt jacket in first photo!