Monday, 9 May 2011

Lucky Find

I was away at the weekend visiting my brother and sister-in-law.  My sister-in-law likes to look around charity shops as much as I do so of course we visited a few.  We were surprised at how many porcelaine dolls were for sale.  Now I don't want porcelaine dolls, I want the vinyl play dolls.  This is what we found in one charity shop...
I just do not like this type of clothing on a doll but the doll itself was just the sort of thing I was looking for.  After taking her clothes off this is what she looked like....
She's very much like the Corolle Les Cheries dolls.  On the back of her head it said Simba STHK-171.  After a bit of searching I found that she is made in France by Smoby and is one of the Mademoiselle 4 Saisons dolls.  What a lucky find.  She did cost £9.99 but does look as though she is new.  The hat she was wearing was stuck to her hair with double-sided sticky tape, that took a bit of getting off and her hair is still a bit sticky at the back but I should be able to get it all out.  Also, the shoes she is wearing are not her original ones, they are probably 'borrowed' from a porcelaine doll.  I think that the lady who served me in the shop had made the clothing so I'm glad I didn't criticise it in front of her!  She also asked me if the doll was going to a good home and I said it was for me to make clothes for and she was happy about that.  There was another doll with similar clothing but it was not a very good quality doll (made in China) and was priced at £9.99 too.  I thought this was too expensive but, if the lady in the shop had made the clothes, it was probably priced at that because of the way it was dressed.  As I only want dolls to dress myself I didn't buy it.


  1. She is really a cute doll. I've never heard of Smoby dolls before. That dress is awful. A couple of my little dolls have been dressed like that when I got them and I immediately made them NICE dresses. I'm glad you were tactful. I probably would have said "Oh what a hideous dress!" At least she wanted the doll to go to a good home, even if she had bad taste in clothes.

    We have lots of porcelaine dolls at my store. The store prices them pretty high, $8 and up, and they rarely sell. On the other hand, we have lots and lots and lots of Barbies and other vinyl dolls that sell for $1.99 for 2.I'm glad I'm not a big Barbie fan or I'd be in trouble.

  2. The name of the doll is Madeleine

  3. Yes I used to have the same doll but mine’s original clothes are a camouflage tank top, a blue jeans skirt and some brown boots. But I cannot find the same doll anywhere online, I really wanted to know which collection she belongs to because it’s not part of the 4 seasons edition.. and it was bought over 10 years ago, can anyone help me out? :)