Wednesday, 16 March 2011


I hadn't got round to showing the apron I made a couple of months ago.  It's for my Gotz Precious Day Girl who is the same size as an American Girl.

I was pleased with how this turned out.

I was thinking about how play doll styles have changed.  My old doll (post below) is the sort of doll I would have been given in the 1950s.  These dolls were like little girls and could be bought very cheaply from places like Woolworth's.  They came nicely dressed with hair that you could comb.  I did an internet search to see if this type of doll was still available.  I was surprised to find that you can only get baby dolls and dolls that look like skinny teenagers.  I know you can get more expensive dolls that still look like little girls but these aren't the 'throw away' type of doll I received as a child.  Those dolls had limbs that sort of pushed into the body, the heads were soft vinyl and the bodies were stiff plastic that was quite thin in some places.  After a while their arms or legs would come out of the socket and that was it, they never stayed in place again.

I was also thinking about why I've been playing with dolls lately.  It's not because I want to be a doll collector, it's because I love making clothes for them.  So, any old doll will do and it's nice to think that I can refurbish an old doll by making it new clothes.  I have three dolls that I've made clothes for; two baby dolls that are waiting for me to make clothes; a collectors type doll by Ashton Drake (see Ivy below); and, waiting in the side lines, is a 25 inch tall, Blossom Toys doll from the 1970s.

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