Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Dress

This dress is from A Closet Full of Doll Clothes by Rosemarie Ionker.  The cuffs on this dress were a bit small for my Gotz doll so I put elastic in them, next time I'll alter the pattern slightly to allow for using a different size of doll to the one in the book.  I'll also do bodices with lining in future as it gives a neater finish on the inside.
This year I also want to make doll quilts.  The one above is made using a printed log cabin design so there wasn't really much patchwork to do on it.

In the Rosemarie Ionker book there are four sizes of pattern so I had to buy another doll in a different size!!!  This one is 14 inches and is an Antonio Juan doll.

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  1. I want to make doll quilts too! I'd really like to try a crazy quilt type. Also, I want to cut some vintage/antique baby bonnets down to fit my 15" dy-dee. Kind of scared to do it, though... I'll start with a bonnet that is in bad shape anyway.

    Ann, what do you think is an ideal size for a doll quilt? Also, I notice that many of them are square shaped, but I'm thinking a rectangle would look better in a crib/bed.