Saturday, 11 December 2010

A Couple of Pictures

This dress certainly has plenty of curves to deal with.  The skirt is circular so I had to clip the waist area to attach it to the bodice.  The hem of the skirt is done in a similar way except I didn't clip it.  If the hem had been quite deep I might have clipped it or I might have gathered it slightly but it is fairly narrow so it didn't need it, just tacked/basted then machined round.  I got the idea for this dress from here but used the circular skirt pattern from the Christmas dress and the bodice from another dress.

I made this cape out of flannel.  When I bought this fabric I thought it looked a bit dowdy but it turned out nice for use as outdoor wear.  The hat the doll is wearing was a swap from a friend, I think it goes really well with the cape.

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  1. I adore doll capes! I have a Samantha doll that would look lovely in this style (she's actually my grown daughter's doll, but I think I always liked her best.) Is the cape lined? Did you use a certain pattern?