Monday, 10 September 2012

Best Friends Club & Design a Friend Dolls

Resistance is futile!!!
When I saw the Design a Friend doll in the Argos catalogue I thought that this would be another nice 18" doll to make clothes for.  I was hoping she would have the shoulder plate but she has a soft body like the AG and Gotz dolls.
She has gorgeous hair, rather a large head and overall is a good doll for the price of £19.99.  Her clothes are well made and would stand up to play well.  The only problem she has is that she doesn't stand well, she has to be propped up.  Also, when I got her her body stuffing was badly placed and I had to get a big needle and adjust it so that it was evenly distributed.
Then, on Sunday, I had to visit a local retail park and had a look in B&M, they really do have some bargains.  That is when I saw they had the Best Friends Club dolls at the amazing price of £14.99.  Well, who could resist that!!!
She is very poseable with joints in all the correct places and she stands up on her own very well.  I love her hair-do but the loose hair was very tangled, it will take a bit of sorting out.  Her clothes are very nice and she is wearing earrings.  Her face is lovely and is more in proportion with the rest of her.  She also comes with accessories...
I do think that all the dolls I have bought have too much hair, and these two in particular have tons of it...
I always end up putting hair bands on my dolls as I have here with the Design a Friend.
The Design a Friend is a pre-teen doll and the Best Friends Club is a teen, I prefer the pre-teen dolls, can't really see the point in dolls which are over shapely.

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  1. I think the MGA Best Friends dolls are very pretty. I had never heard of Design a Friend dolls but she's pretty cute too. And I think the little girl dolls are more fun to sew for than the shapely ones.