Monday, 27 August 2012

Marie Gets New Sandals

Marie is a really nice doll for holding things due to the joints in her elbows.  She also has joints in her knees and I see that the latest version of the Kidz n Katz dolls also have wrist and ankle joints.  In this picture Marie is holding the baby rabbit I knitted a while ago from a pattern by this blogger.  The dress Marie is wearing is the one I made recently that Bridgette first wore (they are ok about sharing clothes).  Marie's sandals I made following the videos here though I did have to improvise with different fabric because I haven't yet found the vinyl recommended.  Here's a close up of the sandals...
The glue did seep through a bit but I'm quite happy with them.  I think they could have been a slightly shorter for Marie, but they do help her to stand nicely.

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  1. I love these sandals Ann...quite perfect! well done!